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Jaseci is a computational Model and language in one.Jaseci provides the ability to leverage powerful AI models with great ease .

Feature of Jaseci

1.Easy to learn: : Jaseci uses JAC, an easy-to-learn "glue" language that's based on Python and Javascript. With JAC, and the level of abstraction it brings, you can wield advanced AI Engines and deliver API payloads with just a few lines of code!

2.Free and Open Source: Jaseci is a completely free and open source ecosystem that you can build on to include additional specialized libraries and engines to suit your needs for personal use or that of your clients.

3.Dynamically typed Language : Variable types are decided at run time so there is no need to sepcify them.

4.Data Spacial: Allows for data spacial reasoning , problem solving and programming.

5.Abstraction without Compromise: Imagine an intuitive programming language used to wield a scalable eco-system of optimized AI models appearing as simple as add, subtract, multiply and divide operations in traditional programming languages.

6.Encapsulates sophiscated ecosystem of bleeding edge tools: Advanced AI models can be leveraged easily when using Jaseci to make complex training and development easier.

7.New featues constantly being added: Extensible to include any new advanced AI models, tools or libraries as they come out.

8.Intelligently Scalable Deployment Infrastructure: Jaseci provides out-of-box production-grade containerization and orchestration so you can stand up a production-ready stack in minutes. With novel load balancing and facilitation techniques, your production Jaseci cluster scales intelligently with your application’s demand.