Global Reference Syntax (to be improve)

This for accessing current thread attributes.

global.context <Dict>

It will return global variables <Dict>

  • report
  • report_status
  • report_custom
  • request_context
  • runtime_errors["report"]

returns current report list

   [1, "any value from report", {}, true, []]["report_status"]

returns http status code for the report


returns current report:custom value

       "yourCustomField": "customValue"

returns current request payload

       "method": "POST",
       "headers": {
           "Content-Length": "109",
           "Content-Type": "application/json",
           "Host": "localhost:8000",
           "User-Agent": "insomnia/2022.4.2",
           "Accept": "*/*"
       "query": {},
       "body": {
           "name": "sample_walker",
           "ctx": {
               "fieldOne": "1"
           "nd": "active:graph",
           "snt": "active:sentinel"


walker can now accept custom payload (non ctx structure). Request body can be access via["request_context"]["body"] developers now have control on different request constraints such us method type and headers validation["runtime_errors"]

returns current runtime error list

  "sentinel1:sample_walker - line 100, col 0 - rule walker - Internal Exception: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'activity_action_ids'"