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1. Installing Jaseci

Before getting started you have to install Jaseci latest version. Jaseci requires python 3.10 or later version. We prefer you to create a fresh python environment using conda or any other virtual environment packaging to try out codes in this codelab. A complete Jaseci installation guide is here

After successful installation of Jaseci run the help command,

jsctl --help

jsctl stands for the Jaseci Command Line Interface. If the command above displays the help menu for jsctl, then you have successfully installed jaseci.

1. Installing Jaseci Server

Install Jaseci Server Using following commands.

pip install jaseci-serv

Before getting start to use jaseci server, a few commands are required to set up the database.

jsserv makemigrations base
jsserv makemigrations
jsserv migrate

The above commands essentially initializes the database schemas. We will also need an admin user so we can log into the jaseci server. To create an admin user, run

jsserv createsuperuser

And follow the command line prompts to create a super user. For the purpose of this demonstration, we are going to use the following credentials:

Password: JaseciAdmin

Then launch the jaseci server with

jsserv runserver

You should see an output that looks like the following if everything is fine.

$ jsserv runserver
Watching for file changes with StatReloader
Performing system checks...
System check identified no issues (0 silenced).
October 24, 2022 - 18:27:14
Django version 3.2.15, using settings 'jaseci_serv.jaseci_serv.settings'
Starting development server at
Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

2. Installing Jaseci Studio

You can find the Jaseci Studio Binery that is relevant to your operating system here.

Once we have the application installed and launch it, you'll see a login screen similar to this.

Jaseci Studio Login

There you have to enter the server endpoint in the host and port fields. And also enter the login credentials which you created with jaseci server setup. To verify the information click on the "Test Connection". If there is an error, check that your server is still running and ensure that there is no typo in any of the fields.

Click connect once you have verified that all is good.

3. Collecting data for codelab

Movie scripts data is the textual data that we use in this coding lab. Here we are going to scrap movie scrip data from Imbdsm website. We have given you the python script here which we can be run as a Jaseci action.

Steps to run Jaseci custom action to scrape data.

  1. Get the python from here.

  2. Open the jsctl shell session.

  3. Load the custom action in local with following command.

    actions load local
  4. Create a scrap.jac file and include the following;

    walker init{
    can scrapy.scrape_content;

    report scrapy.scrape_content("");
  5. Run scrap.jac

    jac run scrap.jac
  6. You will see the movie_data.json file in the current directory.

Sample of the movie_data.json file is as follows;

"1 EXT. PUENTE ANTIGUO, NEW MEXICO - NIGHT 1": "A main street extends before us in this one-horse town, set amid endless flat, arid scrubland. A large SUV slowly moves down the street and heads out of town.",
"2 EXT. SUV - NIGHT 2": [
"The SUV sits parked in the desert. Suddenly, the roof panels of the SUV FOLD OPEN. The underside of the panels house a variety of hand-built ASTRONOMICAL DEVICES, which now point at the sky. JANE FOSTER (late 20's) pops her head through the roof. She positions a MAGNETOMETER, so its monitor calibrates with the constellations above. It appears to be cobbled together from spare parts of other devices.",
"JANE": [
"Hurry! We hear a loud BANG followed by muffled CURSING from below. Jane offers a hand down to ERIK SELVIG (60) who emerges as well, rubbing his head. JANE (CONT'D) Oh-- watch your head.",
"It's a little different each time. Once it looked like, I don't know, melted stars, pooling in a corner of the sky. But last week it was a rolling rainbow ribbon--",
"Thanks. So what's this anomaly of yours supposed to look like?",
"(GENTLY TEASING) Racing round Orion? I've always said you should have been a poet. Jane reigns in her excitement. She tries for dignity. 4th BLUE REVISIONS 03-26-10 1A.",
"(re: the gloves) I recognize those. Think how proud he'd be to see you now. Jane's grin fades to a sad smile.",
"For what?"
"3 INT. SUV - NIGHT 3": [
"The SUV is bathed in the glow of high-tech monitoring equipment and laptops, some looking like they're held together with duct tape. Jane opens a well-worn NOTEBOOK of handwritten notes and calculations. Selvig watches the frustrated Jane with sympathy.",
"JANE": [
"The anomalies are always precipitated by geomagnetic storms. She shows him a complicated CHART she's drawn in the book, tracking occurrences and patterns. I just don't understand. Something catches Darcy's eye out the driver's side mirror. She adjusts it. In the distance",
"DARCY": [
"Jane? Jane SHUSHES her, leafs through her notes. The bottle of champagne begins to vibrate.",
"The champagne bottle starts to RATTLE noisily now as it shakes more violently, pressure building up inside it, when the cork EXPLODES out of it. Champagne goes spewing everywhere -- over equipment, over Jane. DARCY (CONT'D) Jane?",
"That's your subtle aurora?!"
  1. If you are interested to know more details about custom Jaseci actions and scrapping data. You can read it here.