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Using Langflow to Create the Website Chatbot Flow

If you haven't already installed Langflow, follow the instructions here.

📦 Installation


You can install Langflow from pip:

# This installs the package without dependencies for local models
pip install langflow

To use local models (e.g llama-cpp-python) run:

pip install langflow[local]

This will install the following dependencies:

You can still use models from projects like LocalAI

Next, run:

python -m langflow


langflow # or langflow --help

HuggingFace Spaces

You can also check it out on HuggingFace Spaces and run it in your browser! You can even clone it and have your own copy of Langflow to play with.

Creating a Simple Chatbot

Step 1

Go to your langflow platform and click community examples. Then click the Fork Example button under the Basic Chat card. This will create a copy of the example in your own workspace. and forward you to the editor.

Step 2

Create a OpenAI API key by visiting your API Keys page in OpenAI website to retrieve the API key you'll use in your requests. Remember that your API key is a secret! Do not share it with others or expose it in any client-side code (browsers, apps). Then Paste it to the OpenAI API key field ChatOpenAI component.

### Step 3 Then Click the `Lighting button` on the bottom right corner of the editor to compile the the flow. This will enable the `Chat button` on the bottom right corner of the editor. Click the `Chat button` to open the chat window. Now you have a working chatbot!

Creating a Website Chatbot

Similar to the previous example, we will create the following chain using the Langflow. Use the drag and drop interface to create the following flow.

In the Above flow we have used WebBaseLoader to get the information from the website you have mentioned and RecursiveCharacterTextSplitter to split the text into sentences and we used the OpenAIEmbedding to convert the sentences into embeddings to store in the Chroma vector database. Then we used VectorStoreAgent to combine the Vector Database and the ChatOpenAI to create a chatbot.

Lets try it out!

Note This is not a tutorial on how to use langchain. If you want to learn more about langchain, please visit the Langchain Documentation.

Click Export and you will end up with a JSON file. Makesure to tick the include secrets or you might need to do an additional step in the next section.