• JsOrcService will try to run all of not RUNNING services but tagged to keep alive
  • it will check each service if it has kube config and will try to add every setting to kubernetes.
  • It will also check on the cluster if the service is properly running before it runs the actual jaseci service
  • if service doesn't have kube config it will just try to rerun the service


  • Kubernetes should be enabled, running and connected
  • JsOrc should be enabled and running


  • adding the service to keep_alive will let the jsorc handle it
  • any kube and config for services is set to the actual service not on jsorc

    "enabled": False,
    "quiet": True,

    // interval checker for each service to keep alive
    "interval": 10,

    // kubernetes namespace
    "namespace": "default",

    // service to keep alive
    "keep_alive": ["promon", "redis", "task", "mail"],


with kube config

    • PROMON_KUBE == grouped values from yaml.safe_load_all(...yaml_file...)
      • ex:
          // map each safe_load_all to $.kind
              "ServiceAccount": [
                      "apiVersion": "v1",
                      "kind": "ServiceAccount",
                      "metadata": {
                          "labels": {
                              "": "kube-state-metrics-4.13.0",
                              "": "Helm",
                              "": "metrics",
                              "": "kube-state-metrics",
                              "": "kube-state-metrics",
                              "": "jaseci-prometheus",
                              "": "2.5.0",
                          "name": "jaseci-prometheus-kube-state-metrics",
                          "namespace": "default",
                      "imagePullSecrets": [],
# ... other imports

from .kube import PROMON_KUBE

class PromotheusService(CommonService):

    # ... all other codes ...

    def build_kube(self, hook) -> dict:
        return hook.service_glob("PROMON_KUBE", PROMON_KUBE)

  • since promon is included on keep_alive, JsOrcService will include it on interval_check
  • during interval_check, JsOrcService will try to add every kube configuration from PROMON_KUBE grouped by commands
  • on first interval_check, it is expected to ignore the rerun of the promon service because the pods that has been generated is not yet fully initialized and running.
  • subsequent interval_check should have the ability to restart the promon service since pods for prometheus server should be available by that time (this may vary depends on network or server)
  • if promon is now running it will now be ignored on next interval_check

without kube config

  • if it's not yet running, every interval_check will check if TaskService is running.
  • if it returns false, it will just run task.reset(hook)


  • Initialization of every service included in keep_alive config should be automatically handled by jsorc. JsOrc restarting a service is identical to triggering it via config_refresh api