Install Jaseci using Helm


Install Helm in your Computer device

Installing Jaseci

Update the Values.yaml files according to the requirement and then run below command

helm install jaseci .

Installing Jaseci Ai Models

Its very easy to add any ai model you wish to add that uses Jaseci KIT docker image.

In values.yaml file, aimodels acts as a list of ai model you want to install with jaseci. Each model needs to be added below as a new object below aimodels like :


  - name: aimodel1
  - name: aimodel2

the variables of object need to be defined, an example below, you can copy it and change the values as needed

- name: js-use-qa
      - pip install jaseci-kit==
      - uvicorn jaseci_kit.use_qa:serv_actions --host --port 80    
          memory: 2Gi
          memory: 2Gi

Adding Ingress for Production workload.

For Production use case its better to activate Ingress for more secured and optimal usage.

To Activate, In values.yaml, Please update Ingress values as below

  enabled: true   # to enabled ingress
  className: nginx-ingress   # Type of ingress controller, example nginx-ingress
  # annotations: add annotation for SSL , Add Cloud Specific annotions for SSL
    - host:   # host URL for your jaseci services
        - path: /
          pathType: Prefix

To Install Nginx-Controller, you can install it from below helm command

helm repo add ingress-nginx
helm repo update
helm install nginx-ingress ingress-nginx/ingress-nginx