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Create Azure AKS Infrastructure for Jaseci using Terraform


  1. Make sure you have a valid Azure Account.
  2. Create a service principal from
  3. Connect your local computer to azure using your service principal credentials "az login --service-principal -u < appID > -p < PASSWORD > --tenant < tenantID >"
  4. Install terraform CLI from
  5. Update the file with respective key values as described and related configuration of cluster as needed
  6. Update file with your Azure Service Principal details.


Run below commoand to initialize your terraform

Terraform init

Plan - To check if all Configuration is properly Set

Terraform plan

Apply - Get Set Go, Create jaseci Cluster

Terraform apply

Destroy - if you need to delete the infrastructure, you can use below command

Terraform destroy


By default terraform runs on default workspace which adds dev environment to the cluster suffix. If you want to create multiple environment , for example prod , add Prod related values in

Workspace can be created and switched using below command

terraform workspace new <environment-Name>

or you can select when you want to run updates on any environmnet using

terraform workspace select <environment-Name>