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Running Action Library as a Service

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to use uvicorn to stand up a Jaseci action library as an independent server. We use jac_nlp and use_enc for this example.

There are two ways to stand up a jaseci action server: via the python module or directly from the source code.

Using the python package

After installing jac_nlp package.

  • pip install jac_nlp[use_enc]

Run the following command to stand up the server.

  • uvicorn jac_nlp.use_enc:serv_actions

Once run it should look like this once successful.

INFO:     Started server process [21349]
INFO: Waiting for application startup.
INFO: Application startup complete.
INFO: Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

To use it in your jaseci app, you will have to load the action using the following command.

  • actions load remote

Using the action source code

If you have access to the python file containing the source code for the action library, you can directly run it as a service.

In the case of use_enc, the source file is in the jaseci repo at jaseci_ai_kit/jac_nlp/jac_nlp/use_enc/


You can use this process to stand up any custom jaseci action module

Navigate to the directory where the python file is and run

  • uvicorn [name_of_file]:serv_actions in this case uvicorn use_enc:serv_actions

You should see similar output as shown above.