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Day 1 - Introduction and Installation

Hello and welcome to this video where we'll be exploring Jaseci, a powerful tool for automating complex tasks in the cybersecurity field. We'll be taking a closer look at what Jaseci is, what problems it can solve, and how to install it on your machine.

Introduction to Jaseci and installation


Jaseci is a production-grade system architecture and Jac is a corresponding programming language that simplify the creation of sophisticated production software by allowing the programmer to express solutions with high-level abstractions at the problem level, while the runtime system subsumes and hides the underlying sub-applications and inter-machine resources. The current landscape of software development has evolved, and today a single application can be comprised of several individual sub-applications that interact with each other via APIs. To address the complexity of building diffuse applications, Jaseci introduces a new level of abstraction in software technology that offers a cloud-scale runtime engine that simplifies the optimization, orchestration, and configuration of program code, microservices, and the entire cloud compute stack. Jaseci presents a set of high-level abstractions for programming sophisticated software in a micro-service/serverless AI environment and a full-stack architecture and programming model that automates much of the complexity in building distributed applications on potentially thousands of compute nodes. The Jac language incorporates new abstractions, based on two crucial observations: the growing need for programmers to deal with graph representations of data to solve problems and the need for algorithmic modularity and encapsulation in order to change and test production software instead of executing existing code bases. By utilizing these new language abstractions, Jaseci allows programmers to focus on their code without worrying about the underlying system.

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