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Creating an Example App using your own LLM model

First we need to have an application idea. For this tutorial, we will create a simple grammar checker app. The app will take a sentence as input and will return the sentence with the grammar corrected. For example, if the input is He reads books, the output will be He is reading books.

Lets create the necessary JAC Walkers

We will need only one walker for this app. The walker will take a sentence as input and will return the sentence with the grammar corrected. We will use thellm.generate_prompt action to generate the prompt in correct format and llm.generate action to generate the text. The walker will look like this:

// main.jac
walker correct_grammar {
has input;
can llm.generate, llm.generate_prompt;

prompt = llm.generate_prompt({"instruction": "Correct grammar of the following sentence", "input": input, output: ""});
report llm.generate(prompt=prompt);

Run the Sentinels

Build the JAC Program and Register the Sentinels. and test the walker.

jaseci> jac build main.jac
jaseci> sentinels register main.jir -set_active true -mode ir
jaseci> walkers run correct_grammar -ctx '{"input": "He reads books"}'

Create a Small Web App

We will use streamlit to create a small web app. Create a file and add the following code:

import streamlit as st
import requests

SERV_URL = "http://localhost:5001/js/walker_run"
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
'Authorization': f"token {os.environ('JASECI_TOKEN')}"

st.title("Grammar Checker")

sentence = st.text_area("Enter a sentence")

if st.button("Check Grammar"):
if sentence:
response = correct_grammar(sentence)
if response:
st.write("Something went wrong")
st.error("Please enter a sentence")

def correct_grammar(text:str) -> str:
payload = {
"name": "correct_grammar",
"ctx": {
"input": text
response =, headers=HEADERS, json=payload)
return response.json()[0]["generated_text"]

Run the App

Use JSCTL to get the JASECI_TOKEN and run the app.

jaseci> login <jaseci-server-url> # Input the Email and Password
# Copy the Returned Token

In another terminal, export the token and run the app.

export JASECI_TOKEN=<copied-token>
streamlit run

Viola! You have created your own app using your own LLM model. You can use this app to check the grammar of any sentence.