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File Actions Library

Load file to string

Converts file to string , max_chars is set to none by default

Testfile = file.load_str(test.txt, max_chars = 1000);

Load Json file to dictionary

Loads json from file to dictionary format

TestJson = file.load_json(test.json);

String to file

Dumps string in to file

test = "This is a test of the dump_str method
Testfile = file.dump_str("text.txt",test);

Append string to a file

Appending a string to a file.

test = "This is a another test but with  the append_str method
Testfile = file.append_str(str, max_chars = 1000);

Create Json File

Dump dictionary in to json file.

test = {
"name": "test",
"method" : "dump_json",
"use" : "dumps dictionary to json file"
Testfile = file.dump_json("text.json",test);

Delete file

Delete any file.


Complete Example

walker init {
a = {'a': 5};
file.dump_json(fn, a);
file.dump_json(fn, b);
file.append_str(fn, c);
report c;