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Vectors Actions Library

Cosine Similarity

Calculate the Cosine similarity score between 2 vectors. return list[float] floats between 0 and 1 vectora :list[list[float] | list[float] vectorb : list[list[float] | list[float]

similarity = vector.cosine_sim(vectora, vectorb);

Dot Product

Calculate the dot product between 2 vectors. return float between 0 and 1 vectora :list vectorb : list

dot_product = vector.dot_product(vectora,vectorb);


Calculate the centroid of the given list of vectors. list of vectors returns [centroid vectors , cluster tightness]

centroid  = vector.get_centroid(vectors);


Calculate the softmax value returns list vectors : dictionary

values = vectors.softmax(vectors);

Dimensionality Reduction

Fit the model with the given vector. save this model(str) to a file for the future usage. Transform the given vectors with the given model.

data = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]];
model = vector.dim_reduce_fit(data, 2);

new_data = [[3,2,3],[4,9,6]];
reduced_data = vector.dim_reduce_apply(new_data, model);

Vector Sort by Key

Param 1 - List of items Param 2 - if Reverse Param 3 (Optional) - Index of the key to be used for sorting if param 1 is a list of tuples. Deprecated.

args: data: dict (*req), reverse: _empty (False), key_pos: _empty (None)