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Standard Actions Library

Logging output

Printing output to log.

data = {
"type" : "String",
"name" : "Jaseci"
result = std.log(data);


Print on to the terminal.

data = {
"type" : "String",
"name" : "Jaseci"



Takes input from the terminal. Any string passed will be printed on to the screen.

std.input("> ");

Js Input

Takes input from the terminal Any string passed will be printed on to the screen

std.js_input("> ");

Standard Error

Printing to standard error.


Sort Columns

Sorts in place list of lists by column. Param 1 - list Param 2 - col number (optional) Param 3 - boolean as to whether things should be reversed (optional) Return - Sorted list

sorted_list = std.sort_by_col(param1,param2);

UTC time

Get utc date time for now in iso format.

time  = std.time_now();

Set Global Variable

Set global varibale visible to all walker name : string value : value (must be json serializable)

global_variable = std.set_global(name,value);

Get Global Variable

Get global variable. name : name of variable.

global_variable = std.get_global(name);

Load local actions to Jaseci

Load local actions date to jaseci.

action = std.actload_local("");

Load remote actions to Jaseci

action = std.actload_remote(url);

Load module actions to Jaseci

Load use_qa model.

action = std.actload_module('use_qa');

Destroy Global

global = std.destroy_global(name);

Set object Permission

element - target element mode - valid permission (public, private, read_only)

object = std.set_perms(element,mode);

Get object Permission

Returns object access mode for any Jaseci object object - target element


Sorted list

obj = std.get_perms(object);

Grant object Permission

Grants another user permission to access a jaseci object.

obj :target element element : master to be granted permission readonly : Boolean read-only flag

Returns sorted list.

object  = std.grant_perms(obj,element,readonly);

Revoke Permission

Remove permission for user to access a jaseci object obj : target element element : master to be revoke permission

Return Sorted list

objects = std.revoke_perms(obj,element);

Get Report

Get current report so far from walker run.

report = std.get_report();